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How to impress your agent!......

.....Are you trying to secure a home to rent?

  1. Be on time for the open inspection and stand back and wait for the agent to invite you into the inspection. Being on time shows you are organised. Standing back to allow the agent to prepare the property for inspection will show good manners.
  2. Ensure neat presentation – tidy hair, clean neat clothing and shoes. If you have been smoking, breath mints and deodorant are advised. You will still need to disclose if you are a smoker on an application though.
  3. Introduce yourself, be polite and offer to take off your shoes for the inspection (particularly when its raining or the property has wood floors). This also shows good manners.
  4. Wait for the agent to be free and ask questions about the property, show them you have genuine interest.
  5. When applying, ensure your application is filled out in full. Write a small paragraph about yourself that the agent can read to the property owner and advise your agent that all of your references have been contacted and made aware that a real estate agent will be in touch with them for a reference check. This will allow your agent to process your application much quicker!
  6. If your applying to share with friends, nominate a head of house to be the primary contact for the agent. This person will also need to be responsible for collecting rent and ensure it is paid on time each month.

WAIT! ...
It doesn’t end with just securing a good property!

  1. When you are notified of a routine inspection (every 6 months), go through the house and give it a spruce up. No dirty laundry on floors, no dirty dishes left on benches. Give the garden a quick tidy - Keep the good impressions going as you will need a new property in the future so a good reference is essential!
  2. Make sure you communicate with your agent in a timely manner of any maintenance concerns or safety issues – Owners need to protect their asset and it is in the best interest that the owner is made aware of any issues that could potentially cause damage to their property

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Real Estate Matters Jellis Craig

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