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Fitzroy's sustainability commitment laid out


Our club recognises that we all have a part to play in ensuring the protection of our environment for the benefit of current and future generations.

Comitted to embedding environmental sustainability into everything we do, we have developed a Sustainability Strategy, in consultation with the City of Yarra.

The Strategy is based around the Club taking a leading role in:
Advocacy: using our popular social communications channels, newsletters and the many face-to-face interactions we have with our supporters, members and the local community, we will promote sustainability issues, add our voice to awareness campaigns, participate in and promote community sustainability focused events and encourage positive change within our wider community. 

Impact: We will actively work with the City of Yarra and partner clubs within the Edinburgh Gardens Sporting Community and tenants of the Ramsden Street Oval to minimise our impact on the environment through waste reduction and management, advocating for energy efficient technologies in our facilities, minimising water consumption, and improving our local natural ecosystem. 

Governance: We commit to regular reviews of club policies and procedures, to ensure we continue to make positive contributions to environmental sustainability now, and in the future.

Read our Strategy here.

Caption: City of Yarra's stormwater harvesting at Ramden Street Oval

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